Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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See instruction below - Essay Example With that, maybe the question should be, â€Å"As a president, has Bush fulfilled anything for his country’s sake?† In an idealistic view, it’s a huge â€Å"No†, rather it’s reflection of few people’s greed. A sane mind would never wish to use violence against violence, only despair would lead one to do that. In the first place, â€Å"war on terrorism† is necessary only if such threat actually exist. If the assailant has the ability to induce such extensive damage that then the target should be prepared for future counter attack, exerting tremendous effort on strengthening its military force as it take its economy and existing policies into consideration. With such threat, there would really be a need for â€Å"war on terrorism†. However this case, with such amount spend merely on defense, in neglect of the country and its people’s welfare, only prove the claim that it distorts defense policy and weakens the

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