Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Leadership Experience Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Leadership Experience - Term Paper Example A directive autocratic style is where managers make decisions unilaterally and closely monitors subordinates whereas a permissive autocratic is where managers make decision unilaterally but allows subordinates to have autonomy in performing their duties. Therefore, in this management style, all decisions made reflect the perceptions and personality of the manager. It is a directive leadership which alienates subordinates from participating in the decision making process. On the contrary, democratic style is where the manager engages subordinates and encourages them to participate in the decision making process. A democrat shares responsibility of making decisions with employees and this motivates them and makes them feel that their opinions are valued. This paper discusses and compares management styles based on Michael Hopkins and Marc Ballon’s articles focusing on the form of leadership of Bloomberg and Jack Hartnett respectively. Michael Bloomberg is the manager and founder of the News Service Bloomberg Inc, a company that casts global news and information. His major concern is company loyalty and so he does not freely or easily relate with those who quits the company. He definitely does not get disturbed if an employee approaches him and informs him about his resignation. However, Bloomberg will not even shake his workers’ hand if they quit and will never consider re-hiring a person after they quit. He does not rehire individuals. Bloomberg and Jack Hartnett respectively.

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